PES 2008 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2008) Vs FIFA Soccer 2008

I have noticed that even 6 months after its release, there still are many people discussing on the Web about whether PES2008 (Pro Evolution…

Por Editorial MDT em 19/03/2008

I have noticed that even 6 months after its release, there still are many people discussing on the Web about whether PES2008 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2008) or FIFA Soccer 2008 is the best Soccer simulator. As a good addicted to games, I can’t pass by this without posting my own opinion about both exponent of Soccer game. I am going to talk only on PC platform. I have installed both games In their maximum of graphics capabilities

Let’s go to the facts…

FIFA 2008

FIFA 2008

Sure the game is much better than the others before. It’s clearly the best FIFA 08 ever (not mentioning the 1st one that is the classic one). Better playability in training mode. The main interface and profile creation is much easier besides asking too much and many confirmations are necessary (forgot AI!?). The players faces and graphics are similar to PES2008 but, The goal’s net attached don’t move much like on PES2008. Camera options are good and animations too. The Playability has improved and almost like PES2008, the physics are better too less the net attached to the goal. But EA is not fulfilling the hope of EA Sports fans, of course they were waiting more from EA Sports. There’s not much difference between FIFA 2007 and FIFA 2008 in playability and mainly in graphics. Even I would say that some physics and appearance of 2007 version is in some cases better. Not to mention that EA seems to be releasing much better quality for consoles. I took a look at consoles version and it seems really better than PC version.

PES 2008

PES 2008

I played PES 2007 and got disappointed, seems Konami doesn’t change the game since Winning Eleven 7. PES2007 Was too bad! The 2008 Version is better, more clear, but sincerely, keeps the same. I felt some changes in the player’s animation, they’re pretty better! Artificial Intelligence is also very improved. Some few graphics characteristics are better than FIFA, as I said before, the main is the net attached to the goal that moves more similar to real when a goal is scored. The Playability and all other things seems like the previous versions.


It’s easy! For those who like beautiful Graphics, good presentations, shows, beauty animations, sure they will prefer FIFA 2008.

If what really matter to you is still the playability, the play in fact and online game, sure you will stay with PES 2008. But one thing is fact: FIFA has never been so similar to PES.

By now, I prefer FIFA08, by the graphics and I am not an exclusive fan of FIFA, jut look for what is better. May be in the next release new changes show up!